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What is BOSS Revolution?

BOSS Revolution is the easy and affordable alternative to traditional phone cards. With BOSS Revolution, you simply register your phone number, dial a local access number, and then follow the prompts to call friends and family around the world. BOSS Revolution works with any phone, and you can reload your account at anytime.

Do you have more than one phone?

Share your balance with up to 10 additional phone numbers! Once you sign up, we remember your phone numbers and the account associated with them, so you never have to struggle with long PINs or worry about losing a physical card. Most importantly, with the BOSS Revolution PIN-free dialing solution, you never have to hassle with contracts, fees, surcharges, or expiration dates. Plus, our aggressively low rates make connecting with friends and family that much easier!

You can always feel confident using BOSS Revolution because it comes with a 100% guarantee. If you are every dissatisfied, you can receive a full refund on your existing balance—no questions asked!

Are you a store owner?

BOSS Revolution™ is the best selling pinless dialing product on the market. Easy to sell, Easy to use, Easy to generate revenue.Customers are asking for BOSS Revolution by name! Store owners selling BOSS Revolution can see their monthly profits increase substantially. Additionally, BOSS Revolution retailers can enjoy increased visits from existing customers, gain new customers through positive word-of-mouth, and generate an exciting buzz for their store. It’s a win for customers and a win for store owners!

And now…International Mobile Top-Ups!

BOSS Revolution now offers International Mobile Top-Ups! This convenient service allows customers to buy affordable phone minutes for their international family and friends. The process is simple: the customer purchases the mobile top-up from a BOSS Revolution retailer, and the top-up is immediately added to the cell phone of the family or friend in their country.

BOSS Revolution's International Mobile Top-Ups are compatible with a growing list of international carriers, including Telcel in Mexico, Voila in Haiti, Tigo in Guatemala and Lime in among many others!

With International Mobile Top-Ups, customers feel secure knowing that their friends and family have access to additional phone minutes to handle an emergency or just to have a heartfelt chat. And, retailers always benefit when they offer another quality product from BOSS Revolution. In fact, it only takes a couple of minutes for store owners to sign up as an International Mobile Top-Up seller!



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